Brian Gilham

Engineering leader, husband, and father


There’s a lot to dislike about the current “lockdown” situation we find ourselves in. But I’ll forever appreciate how present I’ve been able to be for the early weeks of The Kid’s life. What an unexpected blessing.

Steph has been giving me home haircuts over the last ~85 days.

Like everyone else, we’ve been trying to stay home as much as possible. My weekly grocery store run is the only exposure I have to how well my neighbours are adhering to physical distancing guidelines. And, I have to say, the cracks are starting to show.

Even two weeks ago, I could count on most people giving me, and each other, a wide berth. This week I was shocked at how many people invaded my personal space.

The fatigue has begun to set in and it worries me.

Why Restaurants Are So Fucked →

Mind-blowing breakdown from Joelle Parenteau. We’ve tried to support some of our favourite local spots over the last seven weeks. It’s shocking how razor-thin the margins are.

Lockdown Productivity: Spaceship You →

I really enjoyed CGP Grey’s latest video talking about staying sane, healthy, and productive during lockdown. Great analogy.

It’s incredible how quickly household appliances and other infrastructure start to break down when you have two humans home all day, every day.