Brian Gilham

Engineering leader, husband, and father

Site Notes

This page describes, roughly, the philosophy behind this site.

Updated: May 2020

I find “social media” increasingly frustrating and unproductive. I miss the days of maintaining my own home on the internet, at my own domain name. Everything I publish going forward will live here first, following the POSSE principle — Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere — for anything I share elsewhere.

What will you find here? My aim is for this site to be a reflection of me, my life, and the things I find interesting. I post quotes, links to things I think are worth sharing, short essays & thoughts, and photos.

If you previously followed me on Twitter for quick status updates and interesting links, you’ll find those here. If you previously followed me on Instagram, you’ll find the same photos being posted here. If you previously followed me on Facebook to remember my birthday, you’re out of luck.

Longer, more significant posts have a title and look like a traditional blog post. Most don’t. You can click on the date at the bottom of each post to grab a permalink.

If you’re looking for something I wrote in a previous incarnation of this site, there’s a good chance it’s in here somewhere. Or will be, I’m slowly back-filling the archives.

Questions? Feel free to send me an email.