Brian Gilham

Engineering leader, husband, and father


These are the things currently occupying my time and attention, in no particular order.

Updated: July 6, 2020

We welcomed our son, Oscar, into the world in early June, so much of our time is being spent figuring out this whole “parenting” thing. We’re tired, but extremely happy.

After three weeks off, I’m back to work — remotely, at least. It’s nice to spend large chunks of time focused on one thing again. I’m not anticipating returning to the studio full-time for at least the rest of 2020. Perhaps even beyond that.

After a four-year break, I’ve recently started running regularly again. I’m working on improving my 5k time (PR is currently 0:27:35, compared to 0:44:41 in 2016!) and doing distance work to keep things interesting.

Pandemic aside, I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to spend this much time with my wife and The Kid, each and every day.

Inspired by Derek Sivers.