These are the things currently occupying my time and attention, in no particular order.

Toronto, and the rest of the province, is under a stay-at-home order and other restrictions until mid-May. We’re trying to keep our spirits up and stay busy, but it’s becoming harder as this continues to drag on. I’m spending a lot of time thinking about what has changed β€” and what should change, in the future β€” as the pandemic looks set to consume another year of our lives.

We have been in some form of quarantine, lockdown, or stay-at-home order for 400+ days now.

In happier news, I’m looking forward to taking parental leave through June and July. I feel lucky to have a supportive employer who is willing to contribute financially to this kind of time off. I’m looking forward to focusing on my family and stepping away from work for a bit. I recognize I will likely never have an opportunity like this again, so I’m thinking of how best to take advantage.

The Kid passed the 10-month mark and continues to astound me each and every day. He’s manages to squeak out the occasional “mama” or “moo” and is quickly learning to stand unsupported. He’s also eager to climb everything in sight.

I’ve struggled, over the last month, to put much time and energy toward my side projects. I’ve been consuming, rather than creating. I can already feel this changing, but it’s been nice to kick back and play a little Minecraft and watch TV.

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