#9: Luck Favours the Prepared

Many of the best moments in my career have happened because of luck.

Shortly after the Apple Watch was announced, Apple approached one of our clients about building a WatchKit app. It would be one of the first available on the App Store. Day one. They asked if we could help.

Since I’d been doing a bit of work on the platform I, along with one of our client’s designers, flew down to Cupertino and spent a week working on the app at Apple’s campus. It was the highlight of my career. Here I was, working on a device that hadn’t even been released to the public yet. I was so lucky.

Or was I?

The truth is, I’d spent weeks poring over the WatchKit documentation, building apps, blogging about the SDK, and mocking up interfaces. I even 3D-printed a model of the watch – just to get an idea of the size. I was putting in the work. 

Did I know it would lead to such an amazing opportunity down the line? Hell no. I thought the Watch sounded interesting and I wanted to build apps for it. But when the chance to do something cool presented itself, I was ready.

We never know where our careers will take us. It’s important we find time to explore new things. Try out a new platform. Build a side project. Collaborate with someone new. You never know which exploration will yield something that changes your path forever.

Steve Jobs once said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”

Which dots will you create today?

Until next time,


Brian Gilham Engineering leader, husband, and father-to-be from Toronto