#5: A Small Token of My Appreciation


When the Apple Watch was announced on September 9, 2014, I was pretty excited. Scratch that, I was pumped. I dove headfirst into WatchKit development, devouring everything I could. I started coding as soon as the SDK was available, pouring hours and hours into learning the ins and outs of building an app that lives on your wrist. I started a blog – WatchKit Resources – to help share the amazing work being done by other developers. It was a semi-popular weekly newsletter too, for a time.

I also created an icon set designed specifically for WatchKit apps. I called it Chronicons and released it on March 4, 2016, just ahead of the Apple Watch presale. To the best of my knowledge it was the first icon set of its kind. 

I took down the sales page recently, but didn’t want to let it languish on my hard drive forever. So I’ve decided to release it for free – just to members of my mailing list. It’s a small token of my appreciation for you allowing me into your inbox and following what I’m up to.

I hope you find it useful. If you end up using it in a project, I’d love to hear about it. Just reply to this email – I promise I’ll write back.



Brian Gilham Engineering leader, husband, and father-to-be from Toronto