Brian Gilham

Engineering leader, husband, and father


If you’ve been following me for a few years, you might remember when I wrote the Monday Mailer — an email newsletter about productivity, side projects, and feelings. I’m really proud of some of those articles. Some of them make me cringe. Regardless, you can now find the archives here.

As our 60th day of physical distancing begins, I can’t help but be grateful for the feeling of temporal affluence — a surplus of time and space that wasn’t there, previously. Or didn’t feel like it was, anyway. Forced reflection on how we spend our time, our priorities, and the kind of life we want to build going forward.

Like everyone else, we’ve been trying to stay home as much as possible. My weekly grocery store run is the only exposure I have to how well my neighbours are adhering to physical distancing guidelines. And, I have to say, the cracks are starting to show.

Even two weeks ago, I could count on most people giving me, and each other, a wide berth. This week I was shocked at how many people invaded my personal space.

The fatigue has begun to set in and it worries me.

I’ve taken a crack at summing up the philosophy behind my blog and what you can expect reading it. The short version? I’m tired of fragmenting my online presence across various social networks. Everything will live here, going forward.

I love stumbling across someone new online and discovering they have a /now page. It’s a great look into what someone cares about, spends their time on, and is thinking about. I had one on an older version of my site, but it was lost in the shuffle of a couple redesigns.

That’s now been rectified.

Work continues on my Sokoban clone, codenamed Apollo. The last few days have been spent doing a fair bit of codebase cleanup, implementing music and sound effects, and throwing together a quick win state.

Next up is figuring out how to best save state to disk, implementing a proper menu, and continuing to build out level layouts.

As I wrap up my seventh week of physical distancing and working from home, I’ve found myself gravitating toward using the iPad more often. It’s the perfect form-factor for lounging on the couch reading books or noodling in Procreate.

Implemented a quick test title screen, along with some general state management. “Apollo” is the project’s codename. I’m really enjoying the constraints of the retro, 1-bit vibe.

Starting to explore GUI for displaying level number, crates remaining, and move count. I enlarged the space available for each level, allowing a bit more variety.

As my exploration into Lua and Love2D continues, I’ve been working on a small Sokoban clone.

I have a lot of the basics figured out. I can load in level data (created in Tiled), draw the grid, handle collisions, push crates around, and track win/loss state.

Next up is global state management, more of the GUI, and lots of other niceties.