Day 34

Brian GilhamEssays

Aside from an occasional trip to the grocery store or pharmacy — an experience that continues to raise my stress levels — and some evening walks, we’re staying home. Everything else is optional and right now isn’t the time for optional.

Work keeps us busy during the week. As wave after of wave of layoffs hit the news, I’m thankful we’re both employed. We’re incredibly lucky.

With The Blob due at the beginning of June we’ve had a steady stream of baby supplies delivered, in addition to lovely gifts from friends and family.

Protocols at local hospitals keep changing, so we aren’t entirely sure what to expect when the big day comes. I spend a lot of time thinking about caring for a newborn in the age of COVID-19.

I’ve been researching how best to give myself a haircut.

This is slowly starting to feel like the new normal. Strict restrictions are likely to remain in place until at least the summer. Beyond that, it’s hard to tell.

Culturally, it’s hard to believe we’ll ever fully go back to our old ways.