Life in Toronto

Brian GilhamEssays

Almost two weeks ago, TWG asked employees to not come into the office unless necessary. It’s been a difficult adjustment — much harder than I was expecting — but it’s slowly becoming routine. We’ve supported remote work for years, so the infrastructure (and culture) were already in place. I feel blessed to work at a company, in an industry, friendly to working from home. A lot of companies are struggling to make the transition. Some can’t at all.

We’ve stocked up on some extra food and supplies. Nothing over-the-top, just things we’d normally buy. The baby is due in May, so we’re making sure we have those essentials too. Just in case.

Aside from a daily walk to stave off cabin fever, we’ve been trying to avoid places where lots of people gather. I don’t know what the rest of the city feels like right now, but our neighbourhood is noticeably quieter. We went to the pharmacy yesterday and everyone did a great job of maintaining social distancing.

We’re operating under the assumption this is what life will be like for a while. Canada hasn’t had the glut of cases seen elsewhere, but testing is a week or two behind, at best. Everything points to this getting worse before it gets better. How much worse remains to be seen.

I feel extremely fortunate to have a good home, good health, and the ability to be prepared regardless of what comes next. I worry about those in our community who don’t.