Building DubDub: Part 1

Brian GilhamEssays

tvOS offers two options for building Apple TV apps: UIKit and TVML.

Both offer interesting opportunities. If your app requires custom UI or makes use of system frameworks like Metal, Core Data, or GameKit, a UIKit-based app is the obvious solution. If your app simply displays a collection of content from an API you control — video, news updates, music, etc. — TVML seems like a great choice. It’s faster and you get a lot of great UI for free.

I’ll be playing around with both, in time. Being more comfortable with UIKit, I decided to tackle that first.

When tackling a new platform or technology, I like to like to build a “real” app. When I was learning WatchKit, I was lucky to have the opportunity to build a Watch app for the Globe and Mail. This time around, I’ll be building a project of my creation: DubDub. In a sentence, my goal is to put much of the functionality of the WWDC app on the Apple TV. It’s not an app I plan on selling–or even releasing–but I think it will provide an opportunity to touch a lot of the SDK.