Breathing Room

I’ve spent the last six months quitting things.

A successful Apple Watch design & development newsletter? Quit it.

My two most profitable apps? Quit ’em both.

Blogging about things like Apple Watch & Apple TV development? Quit and quit.

Speaking gigs? Hell, I quit one just the other day.

Why all this quitting? I realized I was over-extended. I was doing too much. Too much “should”, not enough “must”. It was time to make a change.

None of them were making me say “FUCK YEAH!”, so I decided to start saying no. If something didn’t fill me with excitement or joy, I removed it from my life.

Now I have the margin (both mentally and physically) to figure out what 2016 — and beyond — is going to look like. Without the addiction to constantly doing more, I can finally stop, rest, and figure out what’s important. What brings value to my life — and how I can bring more value to those I care about most.

It feels healthy.

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